Who are we?

Simeon Morris is a luxury leather bags atelier, based in the fine city of Norwich, England. We started out in 2017 making one-off bespoke leather goods for private clients; but in 2020 we decided to branch out and launched our website, on which we offer a small and concise range of exquisite leather goods.

Luxury leather bags - Two small Abigail BagsTwo small Abigail bags being made in the atelier


We believe that in the current fast paced, consumer culture there is still room for an exquisitely produced product; a thing of beauty made slowly using hand craft techniques that herald from the heyday of British saddlery; we hand cut each piece from the finest leather, saddle stitched them, also by hand and finish the edges either by hand burnishing them or finishing them with a luxurious hot wax edge to seal the leather and protect if from fraying.

These are not mass produced, throw-away pieces made from inferior fashion leathers; each bag uses only the best materials and will, with care and love, last a life time; each piece will slowly age in the way only fine leather can, developing a lustrous patina.

Luxury leather bags - Abigail Bag small being madeA small brown Abigail bag being made


Here at Simeon Morris we use only the best materials we can find, British where possible and every thing we sell is made right here in our studio in England.


  • Fashion is also the way in which something is made or ‘fashioned’
  • To be truly sustainable, a piece must be designed and made to last
  • We believe there is no reason to include extraneous detail or superflous decoration
  • A beautifully designed piece speaks for itself and needs no ornamentation to draw attention to it



by | Feb 12, 2022

Luxury leather bags - Simeon stitching an Abigail